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Tilia gallery is online gallery with modern original paintings by artist, Beata Harasim

All her paintings are inspired by observation of the natural world. Beata has been interested in painting from very young age. Her art is designed to spark a reconnection between you and the magnificence of nature. She is inspired by the peace and tranquility of the natural world, and this energy is what she  hopes to transmit to those who observe her paintings.
Landscapes, seascapes, nature, flowers are her excuses to turn a blank canvas into alive and vibrant scene. Among Beata's styles you can find Original Abstract Art paintings, Decorative art, Cityscape, Abstract Fine Art, Modern Abstract Art, Contemporary Abstract Art, Landscape, Abstract Nature art, Blooming trees, Floral art and Seascape art
Beata's palette and painting knifes are tools to express the color, texture, light and energy.She enjoys painting on diptych,triptych canvases. Beata loves to play with texture, movement and saturation of the paint. Acrylic become her favourite medium.

Many of her paintings are available for sale through the online galleries sites. Most of her creations dwell within the homes of her admirers.

If you would like to own an original, unique painting, or buy someone a very special gift , then feel free to contact Tilia gallery.

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